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A Firm & Snug Fit Like No Other Product
out on the market - gap stopper is a snug fit so you push all the way down so the gap walls create pocket areas
Experience Revolutionary Gap Stopper™ utilizing Patent Pending Gap Walls™

Ensure safety and cleanliness of your car with Gap Stopper™

Why You Need Patent Pending Gap Stopper™ to Fill Car Seat Gaps

Most of the car seats have a center console. Due to this gap, items such as keys, wallet, food, mobile phones, baby feeding bottles, glass, etc., often fall between the center console and seat. If you try to reach the dropped items during driving, it can be hazardous and puts your life and the life of your loved ones at risk.

To address this situation, many companies introduced gap-filling products in the market. They have a pliable cylindrical shape often filled with some sort of stuffing, hooked to the car seat belt’s latch and, when needed, fit between the car seat and its center console, filling the gap. Although these products provide coverage to the gap to some extent, they still leave some room and waste the space within a vehicle, which you can use in a better way.

With our patent pending Gap Stopper™ with Gap Walls™ design, it is possible to fill the gap and make efficient use of the space between the car seat and its center console.


Who We Are

We are inventors and designers of patent pending Gap Stopper™. Our designers have invested plenty of time in research to improve Gap Stopper™ design. We wanted to come up with a design that is not just convenient but also useful and efficient for the driver. We invented and designed an innovative patent pending Gap Stopper™ design through our extensive research, which is affordable, easy-to-use, fix, and provides excellent usability while traveling.

What We Do

Do you fear dropping items between your car seat and console and not finding them? Are you fed-up with the keys, coins, smartphone, and other items landing between the car seat gaps when you turn on your car? We are a team of innovators and creators who invested time, energy, and efforts to invent a revolutionary gap filler the Gap Stopper™.


Our Products

Our company is a proud manufacturer and marketer of the car interior and patent pending Gap Walls™ products that block the car seat’s gap and center console. By using our innovative patent pending Gap Stopper™ design, you can keep your car neat, tidy, and never lose your important things again.

With its smooth, soothing, and cushiony padding, this amazing product ensures to provide coverage for the complete breach. It means buying this car seat gap filler product ensures neatness, cleanliness, and peace of mind during your travel. Moreover, you can easily wipe it clean without any damage, which increases the life of the product.

What people say

"The gap walls help me organize my keys, cards, wallets, and my other carry-ons.. i place my mobile on the cup holder - GAP STOPPER WAS GREAT PURCHASE!"
Mike K
"Very nice heavy-duty product, this product is actually worth money unlike other cheap light-weight Gap Fillers out on the market!"
Olivera A
"Simply the best out on the market!"
William K
"Takes 1 minute to install, and its there forever! no more gap on my car! Helps with with additional storage room to help while driving! Good buy!"
Peter N.

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