What is car seat gap filler Gap Stopper™?

What is car seat gap filler Gap Stopper™?

Gap Stopper

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Car seat gap filler Gap Stopper ™ installed in the car

Our company is a proud manufacturer and marketer of the car interior and patent pending Gap Walls™ products that block the car seat’s gap and center console. By using our innovative patent pending car seat gap filler Gap Stopper ™ design, you can keep your car neat, tidy, and never lose your important things again.

All of us experience a similar problem of losing our things while driving in the gap between the car seat and center console or other gaps. This is one common space in all vehicles where everything generally falls. We then try to retrieve items either by getting out of the car and reaching under the vehicle seat or by wedging our hand down in the crevices to reach the dropped items with our fingertips.

We all have been through this situation. And realizing this, we invented Gap Stopper™, which prevents items from falling within gaps in your car and provides Gap Walls™ to create additional convenient pockets. The unique design of this groundbreaking product prevents items from falling between the car seat and center console. It resolves this common issue and at the same time improves the storage space for storing small items like smartphones, coins, your wallet, wrappers, and more with Gap Walls™.

What makes our car seat space filler different from others

When you are out and about to search for the car seat console gap filler in the market, you find many products that claim to offer the best protection. But most of them are in poor quality and lack in one or more areas, which make them not the right choice as your gap filler between seats.

Here is why our Gap Stopper is the right choice:

  • Original Convenient Gap Stopper ™

    Our original organizer is a vehicle seat gap filler that comes with patent pending Gap Walls™. Unlike other gap fillers, you only need to attach this innovative Gap Stopper™ to your seat belt through its dual seatbelt loop, and it is all set to provide ultimate protection and convenient storage space. No need to adjust your seat during driving as it won’t move once fixed.

  • Enjoy 100% Car Seat Coverage

    Most car seat gap fillers with cup holders provide partial gap coverage, which does not entirely prevent spills or falls of items. Our patented device provides 100% car seat gap coverage in surroundings, front, and behind your seat belt.

  • Prevent Distractions and Keep Your Belongings Organized While Traveling with Gap Walls™

    Many gap filler products do not come with pockets or holding capacity. Our Gap Stopper™ utilizes patent pending Gap Walls™ to create pockets to keep your necessities like credit cards, money, coins, cell phone, pens, etc., securely in place, thus keeping your gap space organized. It also means your things won’t fall in the car when you turn on sharp turns or there is a sudden jerk preventing distractions while driving. The addition of Gap Walls™ makes Gap Stopper™ simply better product.

  • Universal Gap Stopper™ Fitting

    When you buy a gap filler from another company, you need to ensure that it fits rightly in the space because it is not designed to fit all gaps and console spaces. Our revolutionary universal gap filler easily attaches to both driver and passenger seat belts utilizing its dual seatbelt loop. It easily adjusts to your seat without the need for reinstallation or readjustment. Thus, you need not have a different Gap Stopper™ for driver and passenger seats because the same can fit both.

  • Excellent Quality, Leather, Stylish, Unique, and Smart Addition to Your Car Interior

    We have manufactured this premium quality Gap Stopper™ from a quality sponge and soft PU leather. The hand-stitching and exquisite workmanship enhance its finish and beauty. You can wipe it clean as it’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant.

  • Get Maximum Returns on Your Investment

    We have you covered for your investment because this supreme quality hand-crafted product gives you maximum returns on your investment. Use it, again and again, to keep your vehicle clean, organized, and your items safe while traveling in style.