What We Do

Do you fear dropping items between your car seat and console and not finding them? Are you fed-up with the keys, coins, smartphone, and other items landing between the car seat gaps when you turn on your car? We are a team of innovators and creators who invested time, energy, and efforts to invent a revolutionary gap filler the Gap Stopper™.

We create car and gap wall products that make your traveling convenient, hassle, and stress-free by utilizing user friendly design and patent pending Gap Walls™. We provide you with a car seat gap filler and gap walls that gives you extra storage space while keeping your items within your reach.

Our products are also a great choice to ensure your vehicle’s cleanliness whenever you are traveling with your family or friends. Have a neat and clean car next time you drive with our Gap Stopper™, and Gap Walls™ products. And never have the crumb, food, debris, or other items on your car floor.

You may find several similar products in the market, making big claims. We do not make some big claims, but our products’ quality speaks for itself. Once you purchase our products, we bet that you’ll be convinced of our premium quality and unique design.

For us, your satisfaction holds paramount importance. Thus, we strive to deliver excellent quality with exceptional customer service at a budget-friendly price. We are here to make long-term and loyal relationships with our customers so that they stay with us for a long time and trust our name.