Who We Are

We are inventors and designers of patent pending Gap Stopper™. Our designers have invested plenty of time in research to improve Gap Stopper™ design. We wanted to come up with a design that is not just convenient but also useful and efficient for the driver. We invented and designed an innovative patent pending Gap Stopper™ design through our extensive research, which is affordable, easy-to-use, fix, and provides excellent usability while traveling.

Our company believes in developing innovative products that offer not only convenience and practicality but also affordability. We ensure that our Gap Stopper™ and other related products make your life easy during your travel. Our gap filler doubles the storage space of your car console with its wide compartment and slender base.

As an experienced company in the industry, we provide you with streamlined and groundbreaking solutions. Plus, we put in our sincere efforts into crafting products with unique features and patented design. We ensure that our products stand the test of time and give you the best returns on your investment no matter what.